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高薪私钟援交伴游 -机会难得 不可错过


诚招加盟商 公司业务扩张

拓展新城市业务 (包括墨尔本 布里斯班 黄金海岸 堪培拉 阿德莱德 黄金海岸 塔州)

诚邀澳洲各大城市地区加盟商 提供业务指导 女生资源互换 广告媒体投放引流 网站开发等

长期招聘兼职女生 -日薪$1,000-$3,000+


高薪诚招 18 – 36岁 兼职女生 相貌端正 气质打扮大方得体 身材匀称 善于交际 工作时间灵活


我们是澳洲资深高端经纪中介 拥有大量稳定高素质客户群

我们非常注重女生私隐 提供安全舒适的工作环境


平均每日收入 $1,000 - $3,000+,平均月收入 2万到6万或以上

加盟或招聘 请联系

微信号: sydbabie1


Escort girls - Rare High income opportunity, Not to be missed

Australian top brokerage agent is hiring escort girls –  Daily income $1,000-$3,000 plus.


High income opportunity, 18 – 36 years, good looking, decent body well-proportioned and sociable, working hours flexible

We are a senior brokerage intermediary with many years of experience in Sydney.

We have a large stable and highly qualified client base.

We attach great importance on your privacy, and provide a safe and comfortable working environment.

Don't miss out on this high-income opportunity

Average daily income is $1,000 - $3,000 plus, and average monthly income is $20,000 to $60,000 plus

Long-term recruitment, please contact us:

WeChat: sydbabie1

加盟/招聘 Join Us: Contact
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